Desulfurization of petroleum products

Desulfurization is the removal of the sulfur containing compounds in petroleum products which is of great environmental importance. There are several desulfurization processes like hydrodesulphurization which uses expensive equipment, harsh environment and pressurized hydrogen gas or sulfuric acid wash that sulfonates sulfur containing compounds into ionic and more polar chemicals that dissolve in water. The latter process has vast application in deodorizing petroleum products like kerosene and mineral spirits yet it can be used as an effective process for desulfurization of Naphtha, gas condensate and other low density hydrocarbons but the repercussions of using sulfuric acid and the waste material generated can be very harmful to the environment and is beginning to be banned in the recent years.


Parsian Green Chemical Industries Co. with the help of Apadana Oil Co. has developed a more environmentally friendly and more effective process for desulfurization of high carbon and low carbon petroleum products with less toxic, less corrosive material, simple blending and decanting single staged equipment and plentiful raw material in hand.  We are ready for various contracting options to provide material, equipment and both to all around the world.