Thin Film Evaporation  

Thin Film Evaporation refers to thermal separation of solvents and residue in a mechanically spread thin layer with high turbulent liquid caractaristics. The waste solvent enters the system and is spread on the periphery by a distribution ring and then picked up by rotor blades whilst falling in the vessel by gravity. The surface which the film is spread is heated with a mantle up to 400 degrees. High temperature difference, low pressures, short traveling distance of product vapour and the mechanically induced spreading that causes highly agitated layers with very high heat transfere rates, make Thin Film Evaporation superior in many processes with heat sensitive and viscous materials as well as high boiling point materials like oils and paraffins.

Thin Film Evaporation can be used in many processes such as distillation, evaporation, concentration, degassing, de-odourisation and reaction-distillation.

Parsian Green Chemical Industries Co. is one of few companies in Iran with the technology and equipment to design and construct precision chemical production equipment like Thin Film Evaporation.

We also use this state of the art technology in our solvent recovery plant in Isfahan to recover highly viscous solvent waste, monomer and oil waste.